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Atlanta GA                Nov 06, 2021    10am - 2pm         2121 W Sandtown Rd SW, Marietta, GA

SOLD OUT                                LAST CLASS UNTIL APRIL 2022

Waiting List    Contact Us  In Subject line: Atlanta Waiting List


Palm Beach               Nov 14, 2021     8am - Noon              1201 S Dixie Hwy, Lantana, FL  

$150.00 Paid in Full


Fort Lauderdale        Nov 20, 2021    6pm - 10pm Night Class 5200 NW 40th St. Coconut Creek, FL

$150.00 Paid in Full


Fort Lauderdale        Nov 21, 2021        8am - 5pm               5200 NW 40th St. Coconut Creek, FL

$225.00      "NEXT LEVEL" ADVANCED TRAINING. Must have completed the standard Ride Like A Pro Class. Contact us to register by clicking HERE. In the subject line, "Next Level". We will call you to make arrangements for registration. There is a maximum of 5 riders in this class.